Ashlee Wilson Hawn - Big Rich Atlanta

Two summers ago, I received a call from a sweet southern belle from Atlanta who requested information on scar camouflaging. She had a scar on her leg from a childhood accident that she wanted camouflaged. When I asked why she did not choose someone closer to home, she simply said, "THERE ARE NO ATHENA'S IN ATLANTA!" She had done her research on finding someone who could truly help her and I am honored to not only have her as a client, but now -  a friend. 

Ashlee Wilson Hawn will be starring in a new hit show Big Rich Atlanta (appearing on Style Network January 23rd 8pm) and her Beverly Hills family are readily awaiting its premiere. She is a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman with a great head on her shoulders and is without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life... with or without makeup. Her personality, wit and charm make her the complete package - and unstoppable! She is a former Miss Georgia Teen, and it's no surprise that she is the most sought-after pageant coach. 

Ashlee, you are a gem, the brightest star in the bunch, a dear friend and I am truly proud you!

GO GET EM' girl!
We miss you!

To find out more about Big Rich Atlanta, visit Style
To find out more about Ashlee Wilson Hawn, visit her fabulous website

xo Athena (Krysten & Jeff)



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