Favorite's Fridays - Click N' Curl

I think by now you might know that I love good hair gadgets (i.e. Curl Secret, T3 Rollers, etc.). I just received these amazing Click N' Curl roller brushes, and, I must say, I really love them. I have many, many regular roll brushes that I use to set my hair in the morning. I leave the brushes in until my hair cools because of my curly, frizzy hair. If your hair is allowed to fully cool, your style will set and last longer. Then, while they are cooling I have time to do my makeup, make some espresso, a green drink or make a few phone calls. 

Over the years, I have had many brush handles break. Sometimes, handles can get in the way of rolling other brushes which is why the Click N' Curl brushes are so amazing.

I bought the medium brushes for my hair. These brushes are fairly easy to use. You simply use the brush normally, and, once you roll your hair onto the brush, you "click" the brush handle and the handle comes off... just like all of my broken brushes! 

The are travel friendly because they are small and light in weight. I recommend these to anyone who roll brushes their hair! You can purchase them on their website.

Watch this Demo

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